Hammerhead Speargun Evolution 2 Karbon


Hammerhead Evolution2™ Speargun

EVOLUTION… the incremental succession of speargun perfection.

THE MOST ACCURATE speargun in America as independently tested by Hawaii Skindiver Magazine* and Spearing Magazine out of Florida**.

Confidence in your ability and equipment puts fish on the plate. Every element of the HammerHead Evolution2™ complements the next for consistent and accurate shots dive-in and dive-out under the most demanding of situations.

Created by HammerHead Spearguns founder Kevin Sakuda for unparalleled accuracy the HammerHead Evolution2™  starts with the Evolution2™ Open Muzzle based upon the original Reef commercial spearfishing design that started HammerHead.

Powering the HammerHead Evolution2™ are twin circular Power Helix™ Bands, the first ever interchangeable wishbone system commercially available.

All Evolution2™ Spearguns are then matched with precision-machined American made 17-4 Stainless Steel Heat Treat Shafts designed with weld fin tabs set 2.5″ from the rear to maximize band stretch and power.

Contoured ergonomic grips maintain the divers wrist in “strong-fist” position allowing the diver to maximize their strength while firing to prevent recoil and kick with increasing shot power.

Finally each Evolution2™  Speargun is professionally rigged by hand right here in Hawaii with mono shooting line, loading pad, and front-end bungee all standard features.

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