Cressi Gringo Snorkel


The Gringo Snorkel is a traditional style snorkel for snorkeling and free diving. The Gringo is specifically designed for people who love water activities. A classic “J”-style snorkel that has been tried and true, the simple design makes this snorkel almost bullet proof and reliable compared too many of the newer hi-tech snorkels on the market. No fancy valves on top or bottom, if you can blast clear a snorkel than this is what you want.

The standard contoured flexible tube comes complete with a traditional sliding elastic snorkel keeper for attachment of the mask strap. The soft 100% hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece with swivel joint allows perfect positioning and comfort for hours of snorkeling fun. The Gringo Snorkel is black in color and is made in Italy.


Cressi Free Diving Gringo Black Snorkel Specifications

Mouthpiece: Silicone Rubber
Tube Style
Contoured Flexible
Entry Style

12 in stock (can be backordered)