Cressi America Black Snorkel


The American Snorkel is specifically designed for the needs of the free diver or spear fishermen. The tube is shorter than a standard snorkel to lower the dead air space and allowing faster and more critical ventilation associated with the needs of the free diver or spear fishermen. The large bore anatomically contoured shaped snorkel tube is made from a flexible black material.

Its no-sharp-curves design further relieves air turbulence and increasing proper ventilation. A soft 100% silicone rubber mouthpiece section fits into the end of the main snorkel tube the mouthpiece section swivels so it can be placed at the correct angle for comfortable and long use. The snorkel keeper slides up-and-down the tube for perfect positioning on the mask strap and is equipped with an easy mount clip for quick removal of the snorkel from the mask. Snorkel is all black in color and is made in Italy


Cressi Spear Fishing America Black Snorkel Features

  • Cressi Spear Fishing America Black Snorkel:
  • Designed for Needs of Free Divers and Spear Fishermen
  • Shorter Tube for Advanced Ventilation
  • Less Dead Air Space than Conventional Snorkel
  • Anatomical Large Bore Flexible Tube
  • No Sharp Curve Design
  • Soft 100% Silicone Rubber Mouthpiece
  • Contoured Shaped Snorkel Tube
  • No-Sharp-Curves Design Further Relieves Air Turbulence
  • No-Sharp-Curves Design Increasing Proper Ventilation
  • Easy Uses Snorkel Keeper
  • Mouthpiece Section Swivels for Perfect Positioning
  • Color: All Black
  • Made in Italy

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